Most life-long skills are acquired during childhood. In most cases, these skills transform our lives in remarkable ways. 

Baking with your children is one way to make cooking fun. It equips children with a wide range of skills that form the foundation of healthy living. 

Also, baking is a fun way to endear children to culinary activities. Cooking with children can be a memorable adventure. You can make it a great discovery time for everyone. 

Many people are now working from home due to COVID-19 and baking can be a fun (and delicious) way to spend quality time with your children.

Wondering why you should bake with your children? Below are some ways in which baking can benefit you and your kids. 

Builds their Educational and Intellectual Skills. 

Baking provides an opportunity for your children to learn and improve on some educational skills like: 

Reading Skills

Like every kind of cooking, baking requires following instructions and recipes if you want the product to turn out well. 

When you allow your children to read out the instructions and recipes, they learn the meaning and spellings of new words. 

Many words are involved in the process of baking. Children are unlikely to learn certain unique words except when you bake with them. 

Also, the recipes and directions involved in baking will allow your children to learn how to read and understand instructions. 

Mathematical Skills

Most children will agree that learning mathematics can be a little bit challenging except when the learning process is interesting. 

Baking is one of those activities that introduce children to a whole lot of mathematical ideas and concepts. 

The mathematical concepts of counting, numbers, volumes, measurements, additions, subtractions, and timing are all involved in baking. 

When you expose your children to baking, these mathematical concepts will no longer be strange when they meet them in school. 

Baking Introduces Children to Science

Children like to explore and science is one subject that quickly grabs the attention of children when taught interestingly. 

A lot of science is involved in baking. When you, therefore, bake with your children, you help them understand the science involved in most of the processes. 

By watching how the baking ingredients interact with each other, your children will no longer be mystified by some of the science involved. 

Builds their Social Skills

Parents can help develop social skills in their children by taking a back seat and allowing them to try their hands in baking. 

Baking requires a lot of cooperation and timing. When you allow your children to bake, they learn that the only way to succeed is to take turns and work together. 

Parents with more than one child will agree that sibling rivalry can create such a toxic relationship among the children. 

Baking is an opportunity to build a stronger bond among the children and create lasting fond memories. 

Helps in Physiological Development

Parents often wonder where children get their boundless energy from. They seem to be involved in one activity or another. 

Without guidance from parents and adults, children are always drawn to negative activities. 

Baking is one activity that requires a whole lot of actions and movements that will help children in their physiological development. 

Your children will learn and improve on their eye coordination, timing, grasping, stirring, turning, rolling, whipping, kneading, folding, blending, whisking, and mixing. 

Makes them Creative

Children love to explore. Allowing them to bake with you is a good way of unleashing their creative minds. 

Being creative is all about thinking and trying out different ways of doing something. Baking offers that opportunity for children to be creative and discover things for themselves. 

Boost Children’s Confidence

The importance of confidence in the development of children cannot be overemphasized. Baking makes children confident in their abilities to accomplish tasks. 

A growing body of research has shown that when children are confident of their abilities, they are more motivated to face challenges. 


Baking can be fun especially when you do it with your children. You can channel your children’s boundless energy by letting them bake with you.

Baking with your children is a win-win situation for both parents and children. Parents can use a little help from their children who learn some invaluable life lessons. 


Nonyerem Ibiam is a blogger, foodie and food writer, at Midstream Buzz